“Love is a powerful force, but love is the reason you fix things, not how you fix things.” - Timothy O'Leary

The most frustrating thing about relationships is not your fights and misunderstandings,

it’s knowing that you are so much better than petty arguments!

That you can be so good together, and yet sometimes you fight over the smallest things or not talk for days.

Were you fed the 'Great Romantic Myth' that all you have to do in life is meet 'that special person', fall in love and then you’ll live happily ever after? These beliefs about romance were ingrained in childhood, well-before you learnt anything about sex and love.

Yet the road to the divorce courts is paved with good couples who did this - and it failed them. Their marriages didn't fail because their love wasn't strong enough, but because love is a feeling, not a communication tool! 

We are actually meant to channel our feelings of love into the right tools and this is where so many people fail. So many couples live their lives in semi-protective modes: the door to their heart is kept half-open, in the hope of receiving love and affection, but half-closed, in case they need to slam it shut when conflict arises. 

It’s no way to love! 

We spend so much on our weddings but invest so little on the marriage, when the honeymoon is over.

Imagine if you could...

  • Bring up any issue or topic knowing it wouldn’t end in a fight.

  • Get on the same page in your finances and parenting and know that you have each other’s backs.

  • Use new communication tools that not only enrich your relationship, but are simultaneously role-modelling to your children how to have healthy respectful relationships.

  • Love freely!

  • Love beautifully!

  • Love bravely!

Inside each person is a deep and powerful yearning to love and be loved.

We spend so much on our weddings but invest so little on the marriage, when we really need it!

Let me show you the tools that will change the way you view love and relationships in just four easy steps. 

Are you ready to take charge of your relationship and deepen your love?

Discover how to stop fighting, get closer, and turn negatives into positives with easy to learn strategies, taught by a qualified couples expert.

It's only with the right communication tools and relationship strategies that we can fix relationship problems, all of which naturally then builds love and romance.

Just remember - Happy Couples are no better than you, they just use better tools.

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Your Romance Revolution

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Here’s the problem: No-one taught you a model for a successful loving relationship.

No-one taught you because no-one knows.

People have the best intentions and offer their best advice but this always resorts to platitudes and simplistic strategies, such as being more patient or making more of an effort to speak more lovingly. These things are great but it’s not a model.  

I’ll teach you a model that revolutionises how you love, so that you love freely, bravely and beautifully!

Deep in your heart you know that you are capable of loving freely, bravely and beautifully. But your ego is constantly getting in the way. It’s the same for your partner. 

What you need are the skills and strategies that can harness the power of the love and calm your busy mind, so that where once you had confusion, now you have connection. Where you had conflict you now have unity. Where you were growing apart, you are now growing together. Where you lost your spark, you regain that zing and feel truly alive to each other and the power of your love.

Step One: Solve those difficult moments.

It’s easy. You just need to understand the stress-response.

As soon as we get triggered, we go into fight-flight mode. If you go into fight, you turn your partner into the enemy. If you go into flight-mode you turn your partner into a stranger. No-one gets vulnerable with the enemy, so nothing gets resolved. No-one confides with a stranger, so again, nothing gets resolved.

Unresolved issues are toxic over time, breeding resentment and disconnection and maintaining those fight-flight behaviours.

I’ll teach you how to ‘solve the moment’ with emotional problem solving strategies. It takes just four simple questions and is so easy. But when I ask men what their partner needs when she is upset, they all admit, “I have no idea.” Not because they are incapable, but because no-one showed them. Their dads didn’t know and their dad’s dads didn’t know. That’s why they offer solutions to fix it making women feel dismissed.

Step Two: Love Freely.

Instead of seeing the emotion of love as all you need, The Romance Revolution sees the solution lying in three Pillars that support your love.

The first pillar is Unity because the stress response divides couples. I’ll show you how to unite against the stress instead of it dividing you. If you master this Pillar, great things happen. If not you’ll argue about three things for the rest of your days: Money, Parenting, and Housework.

These issues are constants in your lives so unless you are on the same page, you can’t work as a team, meaning that you’ll regularly be in conflict. Over time it burns a lot of couples out. Sound familiar?

Let me show you how to get on the same page, work as a team and enjoy your unity, in which case you prevent a tonne of conflict, giving the house an atmosphere of harmony which allows you to relax and love freely.

Step Three: Love Bravely.

Happy couples know that if they are not growing together, they’re growing apart. Women tend to be more open to emotional growth than men and men are more driven to success in the workplace and in community settings (sports club, church etc). This gender divides and conquers love rather than supporting it to flourish.

Once you see your relationship as a vehicle for growth and healing you learn how to love bravely because your focus is helping each other to be the best version of yourselves. When you find the courage to act and speak from your heart, then you are loving bravely. Can you think of how you love bravely?

Step Four: Love Beautifully.

You’ll notice that the first two pillars have a profound effect on your relationship, but let’s face it, they are a little on the serious side! This third pillar is all about getting happy together.

The best things are life in free. Imagine you are walking through a neighbourhood and the roses are in full bloom. You can stop to smell the rose or walk on. If you stop you don’t know if it’s an old rose with a strong scent or a modern one with a bigger petal but no perfume. So if you are greeted with that wondrous scent and you really inhale it all in like a magic potion, then at that very moment, in regards to the rose, you are loving it beautifully.

You are not trying to change it! “Why can’t you be more like a tulip, they are so perfectly elegant?” No, you are not in your ego, not comparing it to anything else, just in your heart, joyous and alive to the experience. When you are like this together, you are loving beautifully. You rise above your ego, go deep into your heart and find peace and love.

Keep in mind that everyday we have a choice whether to smell the roses or not. The roses are there with spectacular perfumes whether we walk by or stop to delight in their scent. When we decide that we want to be alive to all that is wonderful in the world then that is the day that life changes for the better. Your partner is the rose, you are the rose, life is the rose and the more you appreciate it the happier you become.

What's insideThe Romance Revolution' course?

  • 1

    Step 1. Your Romance Revolution

    • Please Read This Brief Note Before You Begin!
    • What the Romance Revolution means for your love!
    • Video 1. 0 Your mindset matters FREE PREVIEW
    • Video 1.1 Your Relationship In A Different Light FREE PREVIEW
    • Handout 1.0 The CPR tool for Solving Difficult Moments
    • Handout 1.1 Fight, Flight or Fix, Reflection Sheet
    • Handout 1.2 How to use the CPR communication tool Handout
    • Video 1.2 Getting the most out of the CPR strategy
    • Handout 1.3 Using 'Emotional Problem Solving'
    • Handout 1.4 Turning negatives into positives with the CPR tool
    • Video 1.3 The enemy of love - 'splitting'
    • Video 1.4 Protecting your love by correcting your 'splitting'
    • Handout 1.5 Undoing Splitting Exercise
    • The Power of The Romance Revolution
  • 2

    Step 2. Building the first Pillar of Love - Unity

    • Video 2.0 Pillar One - Foundations of Love
    • Handout 2.0 The 3 Pillars of Love Handout
    • Video 2.1 Unity in the face of stress
    • Handout 2.1 Using the Field of Negotiation
    • Video 2.2 Managing the work life balance
    • Handout 2.2 Finding balance with The Work-Life Tree
    • Handout 2.3 Uniting Against Stress
    • Handout 2.4 Stress Management Strategies
    • 6 Min Stress Reduction Audio
    • Video 2.3 Shifting Stress
    • 16 Min Stress Reduction Audio
    • Handout 2.5 Colour Field of Negotiation
    • Handout 2.6 UNITY
  • 3

    Step 3. Building Pillar Two - Transformation

    • Video 3.0 Making your relationship a vehicle for positivity
    • Video 3.1 Transformation
    • Handout 3.0 Values & Goals Sheet
    • Handout 3.1 Using the Compassionate Listening tool
    • Handout 3.2 Vision To Reality Reflection Tool
    • Handout 3.3 Being the better version of you
    • Handout 3.4 Effectiveness & Success
    • Handout 3.5 The Role Of Strong Emotions
    • Handout 3.6 Deactivate Your Buttons
    • Advice on Deactivating old triggers
    • Handout 3.7 Recruiting your partner strategy
    • Advice on talking about difficult topics
    • Handout 3.8 Expressing Your Feelings
    • Advice on reconnecting and preventing partners from feeling taken fro granted
    • Handout 3.9 Reconnection strategy
    • Video 3.3 The power of growing and healing together
    • Handout 3.10 GROWTH
  • 4

    Step 4. Building Pillar Three - Happiness

    • Handout 4.0 Sharing Your Love exercise
    • Video 4.0 Deepening Your Love
    • Video 4.1 Love In Action
    • Handout 4.1 Boosting Your Happiness
    • Handout 4.2 Material & Spiritual Success
    • Handout 4.3 Happiness
  • 5

    5. Taking Your Next Steps -Viva La Love!

    • Video 5.0 The Better Version of You As A Couple
    • Handout 5.0 It's the Why that makes you try
    • Video 5.1 Generating positivity
    • Handout 5.1 Inspiring Your Relationship Goals
    • Handout 5.2 The World's Best You!
    • Handout 5.3 Teach Your Kids Communication Skills
    • Video 5.2 Healing Vs Re-enacting
    • Handout 5.4 The Three Pillars Image
    • Handout 5.5 How The Three Pillars Supports Your Love
    • Video 5.3 Ensuring your ongoing success
    • Handout 5.6 Being the better version of you
    • Handout 5.7 Your Romance Revolution Assignment
    • Putting it all together- Viva Love

I’m so confident that The Romance Revolution will transform the way you think and go about your relationship that I’m offering a 30 - day money back guarantee!

Each module has videos and handouts that support your learning and to adopt a positive mindset and use great communication tools.

As you practice the strategies you'll find that you refine your use of the tools and become more confident and get improved results. With the benefit of 24/7 access, you review the program material at any time, to deepen your learning.

I’m so confident that The Romance Revolution will transform the way you think and go about your relationship that I’m offering a 30 - day money back guarantee! This means you can run the whole program, and gain access to the all the resources - RISK FREE!

Viva Love!

Let the revolution begin.

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I believe in the power of your heart to love freely, bravely and beautifully.

Hi, I'm Timothy O'Leary

Hi, I'm Timothy O'Leary

I am the author of The Relationship First Aid Kit, published by Hay House Australia. I am a Therapist and Educator in private practice. I have a Masters in Couples and Relationships Counselling and have worked with couples for almost twenty years now.

So when my marriage ended after 17 years, I was devastated. I was faced with a choice; I could learn from this experience or go run a café and turn my back on my chosen field! I seriously did look into buying a café because I love coffee and I love people. But I knew in my heart that I needed to fully understand what had happened and find peace in my heart.

I am a very romantic person and I fell for the oldest one in the book: I used romance as the tool to fix things, not realising that I was actually sweeping a lot of our everyday problems under the carpet.

People often asked me about how I continued to work with couples, when I was going through my divorce, but it actually gave me comfort to help others, just as it gives me a buzz to help you now too.

What others are saying about Timothy O'Leary...

“Tim, to say that first session with you was profound was an understatement and it’s taken us a few days to process it all, thank-you, we would like to book another session.”

“Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I actually feel it has changed my life. With the right amount of sensitivity and humour, it has taught me more than I ever expected about both myself and my interactions with my partner.”

“Dear Tim, What a profound experience we had with you. We never thought we’d have a session like that, and it has already really helped us, plus given us heaps to think about and work on. Thank you again. “

Are you ready to take charge of your relationship and deepen your love?

Discover how to stop fighting, get closer, and turn negatives into positives with easy to learn strategies, taught by a qualified couples expert.